Keep Your Vehicle Safe

MaxxForce-271x300Everyone knows that safety is important on public roads, not just for the driver, but also for the other participants in the traffic. Today’s world has evolved so much that the roads are not empty anymore. If some years ago you could drive on a road without worrying too much about the rest of the cars, now it’s almost impossible to not pay attention to what happens around you while driving.

A driver needs to be careful about a lot of things, but most importantly a driver needs to be careful about the way he or she keeps the car, which needs to be in perfect functioning condition.

Here’s what you need to remember each time you get behind the wheel:

The Periodical Technical Inspection

The PTI is the short term for Periodical Technical Inspection and this is required for any vehicle that is used on public roads. Here you can include anything from a sedan to a truck or semi truck. The PTI is that certificate that tells you that your car is safe to be driven on public roads.

It’s an inspection that checks every important system that the vehicle has, starting with illumination – lighting, and ending with a proper functioning of the engine and breaks. Don’t avoid requesting it and also don’t postpone it, because this will tell you if your car needs some repairs.

The Insurance

It doesn’t matter what kind of vehicle you are driving, but for those who don’t know why this is important, the insurance is that paper that can cover anything or almost anything in case of an accident.

The insurance is mandatory in any country of the world for any type of vehicle, and it’s made in such a way that it can cover the costs of the repairs when you are responsible for an accident or when you were not guilty and you can’t find the one who did it.

Spicer1There are two types of insurance, and the first one mentioned is mandatory for everyone who has a car, while the second one is left at the choice of the owner. The mandatory insurance can be paid once a year or every month, and the price will vary depending on de vehicle and the owner. For a small vehicle like a sedan, the price will be lower, but for a big vehicle like a truck, the price will be higher.

The Driving License

The driving license is also important, because each category of vehicle has a correspondence in the class of the driving license. Those who are driving a motorcycle require a certain type of driving license, and it’s the same for those who drive a small car – like a sedan or a SUV, while the truck drivers and the semi truck drivers need another category added on their driving license. This category proves that they are specialized in driving a certain type of vehicle, as the trucks are extremely big and they require different rules for operating.

However, when people usually go for the first time to get their driving license they have access only to type A or B, the first one being for motorcycles, while B is for those small vehicles that can accommodate up to 8+1 people – meaning 8 passengers with individual places (chairs) and the driver.

ZF-VG-500-Transfer-CaseAs the mass of the car grows, so does its size, the trucks being some of the biggest vehicles available. For those who want to drive a truck or a semi truck, they need the C+E category, which allows them to drive a big enough vehicle that can accommodate a big tow.

In some countries, those who want to take the examination for these categories are required to have at least a few years of experience in driving a small car – meaning they need to have at least the B category on their driving license.

In other words, if you don’t have the proper category on the driving license you can’t possibly know all the details about driving a truck or a semi truck, this proving to be a danger for the driver, for the car but also for the other participants in the traffic.