A Closer Look at the HP2000 Semi Auxiliary Power Unit (APU)

hp2000 auxiliary power unit for semis in stainless steel caseOver 10 years in development and on-road testing and usage, the HP2000 Auxiliary Power Unit was designed specifically for the transportation industry, and was designed and built to handle the extreme temperatures drivers battle every day.

With it’s reinforced frame and weather sealed lid, hp2000 apu is built to handle the extreme temperatures and rough conditions that drivers battle daily.

By eliminating the need for the truck’s engine to idle, not only does it eliminate wear and tear on the drive engine while idling, fuel consumption is reduced by up to 90% verses idling. These advantages are attained yet still allow the driver to enjoy all of the comforts of an idling engine. In addition, our patented heat pump system allows for fewer components, resulting is less weight, moving parts and less noise.

HP2000 – A Super Lightweight Auxiliary Power Unit

Weighing in at only 345 lbs totally installed, the HP2000 provides over 40,000 total BTUs of heating and cooling all while consuming just 0.11 gallons of fuel per hour under a full load.

Proudly made in Marion,IL,  the HP2000 is built to last with it’s powder coated exterior AND interior cabinet. The particular optional metal cabinet normally takes the worry far from traveling with those tough, chemical handled roadways. Both of these engines have proven to be a bullet-proof system and will provide you with years of problem-free service. We offer an industry leading, 5 year/6,000 hour warranty on every HP2000 that is made. This is a testament to the quality and dependability of the HP2000.

Nowadays, there are many truck drivers who are facing the problem of engine idling. This problem results increase in fuel costs, wear, and tear to the truck. It is observed that during long hours, the driver prefer to keep their engines idling. With this, it promotes better functioning of air-conditioning system and lighting inside the truck. The truck driver feels comfortable even while parked for long hours. However, it leads to huge consumption of fuel by the truck engine. Basically, the truck engine runs with the help of fuel. No one can deny the fact that the fuel used by engine results in emission of gases. According to the scientific research, the emission will lead to pollution and damage to the environment. The answer to this solution is Auxiliary power units for trucks. APU for trucks has proven to be great choice for the drivers.


Turning your primary engine off when you’re parked has various advantages, including emissions discounts, but also big fuel and engine wear savings.
The HP2000 APU is the most effective truck APU on the market today. Being successful means that you get more through with less effort. This talks about the HP2000 flawlessly.What makes the HP2000 so efficient is the use of its patented heat pump technology. It provides more heat AND cooling all while consuming less fuel. For the average driver, the HP2000 will pay for itself within the first year or so of operation leaving you with the additional savings year after year.


In approximately 6 time, the full system can be way up as well as detailed along with your auto. Our exclusive plug-n-play wire connections system hastens the process. Our in-cab condenser and also ducting system can be included along with your vehicle’s active ducting system if you wish.
No-idle legal guidelines to alleviate emissions, reduced noise and also help save energy are followed in the U. Utes. and also Europe; as well as in truth numerous says want it.


Acknowledged as considerable Rate 1 and also Rate A pair of principal suppliers to a lot diverse industries shows each of our substantial practical knowledge.


The specific verified energy continue, a couple storage container Perkins diesel engine drives each of our trademarked heat-pump system. Runs quiet with not nearly as expensive 69Db, goes effortlessly, and is really low maintenance.


The particular Perkins engine used bears the manufacturer’s two-year, 3, 000 hour warranty. Just about all for the additional parts are included in your 1 Calendar year Replacement extended warranty.
Idling can really affect the parts of your truck and affects the environment. It can lead to various health complications with harmful emission from the trucks. The option of APU will definitely increase the comfort level for the driver and also reduce the pollution. With Auxiliary power units, the driver can enjoy numerous benefits and flexibility. Now, they can shut down the engine and still use the air-conditioning, lighting system inside their trucks. All this is possible with auxiliary power equipment. Driver will enjoy maximum comfort without worrying about the extra fuel consumption. It is considered to be really cost-effective idea.

It doesn’t matter whether you have huge or small truck carrier, Auxiliary power units will prove to be of great help. The driver enjoys the flexibility of start and stop to keep the desired internal temperature in the truck. With this, the driver will be successful in achieve the goal of maximum fuel savings. Auxiliary power unit is designed to perform well in touch climatic conditions. It is especially engineered for heavy duty-applications. The best part about is that the unit is has high resistant power to any kind of corrosion. All the credit should be given to rugged stainless steel enclosure of the unit and to its compact design. It is extremely easy to maintain and it reduces the unwanted expenses.

To purchase this unit, it will be sensible to contact reputed source. Make sure to choose the product from manufacturer firm that design energy efficient products. Opting for reputed distributor is extremely crucial decision. This way, you will get highest quality of Auxiliary power units for trucks. Product will be offered at affordable price to fit in to your budget. Once you get in contact with professional provider, the installation will be finished in real quick time. APU for trucks will be installed regardless of design of your vehicle. It requires less maintenance work. This unit has been rated very highly as fuel saving. With this, the fuel emission will be reduced considerably. As a result, there will significant decrease in overall cost and pollution. Be sensible and make the right purchase for huge benefits.

Although the class 7 and 8 truck lines are where you will see it most utilized, the HP2000 is actively in use to reduce idle times in such applications as construction equipment, military vehicles both in the U.S. and abroad, airport equipment and many others. With the additional of the optional Xantrex inverter, your system can also provide up to 3600 watts of AC current all while limiting the fuel consumption to right at 1/10 of a gallon per hour. So whether you are looking to reduce idle hours on a multi-million dollar crane or a class 8 truck, the HP2000 is truly the most efficient, most cost effective auxiliary power unit on the market today.